Apple’s Lisa Jackson Promoted

Lisa Jackson, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and Apple’s top executive on environmental issues, will become the company’s lead on all policy initiatives, including the environment, education and accessibility. Her new title will be the vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives.

In a memo to employees, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that Jackson’s new role is in line with the company’s dedication to “leaving the world better than we found it.”

Another sign Apple isn’t fooling around when it comes to their environmental initiatives.

The Power Of Taylor Swift

Yesterday morning Taylor Swift published a post on Tumblr explaining why she won’t be on Apple Music:

I write this to explain why I’ll be holding back my album, 1989, from the new streaming service, Apple Music. I feel this deserves an explanation because Apple has been and will continue to be one of my best partners in selling music and creating ways for me to connect with my fans. I respect the company and the truly ingenious minds that have created a legacy based on innovation and pushing the right boundaries. 

I’m sure you are aware that Apple Music will be offering a free 3 month trial to anyone who signs up for the service. I’m not sure you know that Apple Music will not be paying writers, producers, or artists for those three months. I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.

Late last night, Eddy Cue published a series of tweets explaining they had decided to change this policy and pay artists during the free trial period:

Cue said he personally talked to Taylor to inform her of the policy changes:

“I did reach out to Taylor today, and talked to her, and let her know that we heard her concerns, and wanted her to know that we were making changes,” Cue  says. “She was thrilled to hear from us and that we were making the change, and we were grateful for that.”

There’s no official word on whether or not this will bring Taylor’s ‘1989’ and future albums to Apple Music, but a swift reaction like this proves Taylor has a lot of pull in the music industry.

Fallout Shelter

I’ve been spending a large amount of my spare time lately playing this game. Think of it as a cross between Tiny Tower, Clash of Clans and Fallout.  

☆ Flickr

As I wrote in a recent article, I’ve been getting into photography as of late. With a new camera and a large memory card, it’s become quickly apparent how tiresome it is to deal with a large photo library. 

Initially I looked for the simple solution and turned to iCloud Photo Library. Aside from the clumsy setup process, it’s working fairly well for me. 

One thing iCloud Photo Library is missing though is an online component. For that, I’ve been using Flickr.

Flickr has grown a lot in the past year. Not only has it been completely redesigned, but Flickr is also offering more free space than ever before and recently updated their terms and conditions to be more favourable for the end user.

Funny story: I used the automatic photo upload feature from Flickr a few years back when I still worked at Apple. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that by default, all uploaded photos were public. Fortunately for myself the worst pictures that made it out to the public were internal photos no one was supposed to see. Even luckier was these photos didn’t get me fired.

A few years later and Flickr seems to have these things sorted out. They offer a great web experience and a fantastic iOS app. Add a ton of free storage, rapid photo syncing and I think Flickr may be the best photo storage tool available right now.

If you haven’t tried Flickr recently, or gave up on it in the past, I’d recommend you give it another shot. I did and I couldn’t be happier.