Apps I Use

This page will be continually updated over time with my latest recommended apps.

iPhone Apps I Use

Ulysses – All of my writing starts in this app .. read my review.

Omnifocus – I’ve used virtually every GTD app available, but use Omnifocus because of it’s versatility .. read my review.

Tweetbot – the best Twitter app available, bar none.

Day One – keeping a journal is a great way to keep everything in perspective – it helps when the UI is this beautiful .. read more

Dropbox – I don’t use it as much as I could, but it’s an indispensable business tool.

VSCOCam – premium filters and a great photo-sharing community.

Evernote – one of the best research tools at my disposal.

Simplenote – a clean notes app available on every platform imaginable.

Drafts – most of my text begins here and ends up somewhere else.

Duolingo – trying (and currently failing) to learn French with no fault to this wonderful app.

Fantastical – the best calendar app available for iPhone.

Narwhal – I’m a lightweight Reddit browser and Narwhal is the perfect tool to see what’s going on.

Slack – if you run a multi-employee business, you need Slack (no exceptions) .. read my review.

Plex – my entire media library is indexed by Plex and streamed to my numerous devices.

Overcast – ‘Smart Speed’ will change how you listen to Podcasts.

Pinner – Pinner has now replaced Pushpin as my go-to Pinboard app.

Authy – two-factor authentication is a must and Authy is the easiest way to set it up.

Pocket – everything I have no time to read goes into Pocket (to be eventually read).

Flipboard – newest update made it one of the best news curation apps once again.

Reeder – I’ve flipped-flopped a few times, but Reeder is a great RSS feed reader for iPhone .. read my review.

IFTTT – a must-have web tool. Sometimes I sometimes forget how much IFTTT automates for me.

1Password – unless you have an eidetic memory, you need 1Password to remember all your complex passwords.

Screens – when I need to remote access my 27 inch iMac on my iPhone 6 Plus, I look to Screens.

Momento – great way to embarrass yourself by searching through years of old status updates on social media.

Mindnode – sometimes you just gotta mind map – and when you do – use Mindnode.

Procreate Pocket – if you love to draw on your iPad, this is the best option for your iPhone.

Next – I’ve always hated tracking finances, but this app makes it (sort of) fun.

Workflow – one of the most powerful iOS apps available.

Burner – selling something online and don’t want to give away your phone number? Try Burner.

Tydlig – everyone needs a solid calculator app, and this is one of the best.

Mint – the app your bank should’ve created.

Nuzzel – for those times when you can’t check Twitter.

Transmit – a must-have app for anyone who manages an FTP server.

Due – I’m terribly forgetful, but thanks to Due I’m getting better.

Scanbot – I’m committed to keeping digital records of all my paperwork and Scanbot is the perfect app for doing so.

Trello – the only way I can keep The H&F organized is with Trello .. read my review.

Darkroom – a quick and intuitive photo editor .. read my review.

OneShot – an easy way to tweet pictures of text.

Quicklytics – a comprehensive and clean Google Analytics client.

Blink – affiliate links made easy.

Mac Apps I Use

Byword – my go-to text editor for both The H&F and my book, Turnover.

Omnifocus – I’ve used virtually every GTD app available, but use Omnifocus because of it’s versatility .. read my review.

Tweetbot – the best Twitter app available for Mac.

Day One – I love writing long-form entries using the beautiful Mac app .. read my review.

Dropbox – iCloud Drive is getting better, but it’s hard to beat Dropbox.

Evernote – perfect tool for researching ideas or projects.

Simplenote – all of my quick notes go here.

Fantastical – the best calendar app available for Mac .. read my review.

Slack – a must-have chat app for any business .. read my review.

Plex – allows my entire media library to be streamed to any device.

Pocket – I almost never read an article without saving it to Pocket first.

Reeder – no other RSS feed reader for Mac comes close.

1Password – I probably couldn’t login to most websites without the help of 1Password.

Transmit – when I need to FTP, I open up Transmit.

Steam – every once in a while we all need to game.

Backblaze – the best online storage solution.

iStat Menus – easily track your Mac’s performance.

Alfred – Spotlight has been getting better, but it still isn’t as good as Alfred.

VLC – the most flexible video player available for Mac.

Droplr – streamlined file sharing.

Boom 2 – like steroids for your Mac speakers .. read my review.

Annotate – quick way to send and annotate screenshots.

Paste – the clipboard Mac should have had all along .. read my review.

Napkin – my preferred app for marking up images .. read my review.

Ulysses – an app no writer should be caught without .. read my review.

Acorn – a powerful image editor at a budget cost ..

Affinity Photo – an excellent Photoshop alternative .. read my review.

Airmail 2 – powerful email app for those sick of Mac Mail .. read my review.

Alternote – the Evernote app Evernote should have made.

Bartender 2 – indispensable tool for those with a ton of menu bar apps.

BetterTouchTool – takes your trackpad to the next level.

Dropzone 3 – a great tool for sharing and managing files on Mac .. read my review.

Duet Display – the best app for using your iOS device as a secondary monitor .. read my review.

Fluid Browser – if you watch videos while you work, you should be using Fluid .. read my review.

Keyboard Maestro – the ultimate automation tool on Mac .. read my review.

MacID – the easiest and most intuitive way to secure your Mac .. read my review.

Messenger – an open source app for Facebook Messenger.

Momentum – need to keep track of your commitments or habits? Look no further.

PDF Expert – the most powerful and intuitive PDF editor for Mac .. read my review.

Pixelmator – one of the original image editors for Mac.

Popclip – a handy utility for adding pop-menu functionality from iOS to your Mac.


Screens – the go-to app for remote accessing another Mac/Windows computer.

TextExpander – a great time-saving app for the Mac .. read my review.

Yoink – a great enhancement to drag and drop on Mac.

Hazel – the ultimate file assistant for your Mac .. read my review.

iPad Apps I Use

Day One 2 – this one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise .. read my review.

Ulysses – all of my writing begins here.. read my review.

Workflow – a great tool for extending the iPad.

Overcast – simply the best podcast app available.

Narwhal – there’s no better Reddit app for iPad.

Reeder – my go-to RSS reader app.

Pixelmator – a powerful image editor designed specifically for iPad.

Slack – for staying in touch with the office.

1Password – one of my favorite apps feels right at home on the iPad.

Simplenote – for quick note-taking that syncs across iOS and Mac.

Fantastical – the best calendar app available on iPhone and Mac is great on the iPad.

Tweetbot – it’s still the best 3rd-party app available for Twitter.

Duet Display – for those times when you want to use your iPad as a second (or third) Mac display .. read my review.

Screens – it feels like the iPad was built for remote access, and Screens is the best app for doing so.

Transmit – powerful FTP and file management on iPad.

Plex – viewing my media library with picture-in-picture while I work is a thing of beauty.

Procreate – a must-have app for artists using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil .. REVIEW COMING SOON.

Paper – not as fully-featured as other drawing apps, but still fun to use.

GoodNotes – the closest thing to a notebook replacement for iPad .. read my review.

CARROT Weather – a fun and informative way to view the weather forecast.

iComics – a powerful and customizable comic book reader.