DaisyDisk for Mac Review

Due to the popularity of flash storage over traditional hard disk drives, many Mac users have been forced to either consolidate their data, or transfer large amounts of data to external drives.

When I first switched to a flash-based storage system in my iMac, I transferred all my media (photos, videos, music) to an external hard drive. It helped significantly with storage space, but I still found myself clamouring for more room in my internal flash drive. This was mostly because I still had a lot of files I either couldn’t remove – or I didn’t know I could delete.

When it comes to data storage on the Mac, it can be frustratingly difficult to find out what’s taking up room in your storage. Often I would look at ‘About This Mac’ and see this huge yellow column called ‘Other’ and wonder whether it was crucial data or if part of it could be deleted.


Enter DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is the perfect app to find out what’s taking up your storage space on your Mac –  both internal and external drives. Simply open DaisyDisk, select your drive, and it will display all your data in a beautiful radial diagram, coloured-coded to indicate different folders.


It’s not only a beautiful way to view the data on your Mac, but it’s also very legible to see which folders are taking up the most space. For example, I was able to quickly see how much data Adobe Creative Cloud was taking up, and easily delete the data I didn’t need.

Speaking of deleting data, with DaisyDisk it’s as simple as dragging the files to the bottom left of the window. DaisyDisk will collect all of these files for you until you’re ready to wipe them permanently. It’s handy to see how much space you’re about to regain before you commit to deleting the files.


The Best Hard Drive Companion

DaisyDisk is a must-have app for any Mac user who is running out of space on their drives. Even if you aren’t running out of space, DaisyDisk is extremely useful for showing files you could do without.

DaisyDisk is available on the App Store for $13.99 and there’s a limited trial if you’d like to try it first.