DeskConnect for Mac/iOS Review

If you have multiple Apple devices, there’s a good chance you’ve been frustrated with how difficult it can be to transfer files between iOS and Mac. Apple surely saw this as an opportunity when they introduced AirDrop, but unfortunately for all of us, AirDrop isn’t flexible, fast or reliable.

DeskConnect is a great alternative if you frequently transfer files, photos or links from Mac to iOS. It was recently updated to version 1.2 which added: an all-new redesigned UI, share extension for quick sending from other apps, interactive notifications, 3D Touch support, and much more.

After installing the app on both your Mac and iOS device, you can easily transfer data between multiple different devices. It’s incredibly easy to open up a photo on your iPhone, click share, and have it sent to your Mac or iPad, for example. Contrary to my experience with AirDrop, every time I’ve sent a file using DeskConnect, it’s been a quick and painless process.

Despite innovative features such as AirDrop and Hand-Off, transferring files between Mac and iOS is still troublesome. Fortunately for us, DeskConnect is a great alternative.

You can download DeskConnect for iOS on the App Store for free – and the Mac version on the official website.

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