PDF Expert for Mac Review

Working with PDF files is something many of us do on a daily basis, whether it’s for work or leisure. For this reason, it’s important to have a capable PDF program which is not only powerful, but intuitive. That app is called PDF Expert.

I’ve been a long time user of PDF Expert for iOS, so I was excited when Readdle (the developer behind PDF Expert) announced the app was being released on Mac. Simply put, PDF Expert is the most powerful program for reading, managing and editing PDFs on your desktop.

PDF Expert has a beautiful, clean interface that feels right at home on the Mac. It features a slick Safari-esque tab system for working with multiple files at once, and a moveable toolbar for the editing tools.

Speaking of editing features, PDF Expert is packed with everything you could possibly need. This includes: highlighting, drawing, text placement, shapes, notes and digital signature support. Whether you’re marking up a proposal or signing a contract, PDF Expert has you covered.

Filling Out Forms

As more businesses switch to digital file systems, I’ve been receiving an increasing number of forms via email. For example, I used to physically stop by the insurance agency to renew my home insurance. This year, I had the option of doing it digitally.

Without the right PDF app, this task would’ve been a headache. However, thanks to PDF Expert, filling out my insurance form was a breeze. I opened the document and PDF Expert automatically found all the form fields and allowed me to fill them out instantly. It’s so easy to use, I’m confident anyone could do it.



Flexible Enough For Any Needs

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I had our Oscars draft. Like many others who watch the award show, we make our predictions on who will win each category and compete against each other for the most correct guesses.

In past years, I’ve printed out a piece of paper containing all the nominees within the different categories. This year, I decided to use PDF Expert instead.

I used the drawing tool in PDF Expert to check off each of our predictions with two different colours. When the winner was revealed, I circled the correct guesses and crossed out the wrong ones. I was pleasantly surprised by the handwriting recognition of PDF Expert using my Magic Trackpad. It was precise and had almost no input lag.

Seamless Transition From Mobile To Desktop

If you happen to have PDF Expert on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be pleased to know Readdle included support for iCloud syncing. During my testing, PDF files synced fast and without trouble. The most recent update to PDF Expert also includes handoff support, which allows you to open a PDF on your iPhone and continue editing it on your Mac.

The PDF Editor

There are many practical applications (like the Oscars draft I described above) where you’ll find yourself needing a functional PDF editor for your Mac. For a lot of users, the built-in Preview app will meet your needs, but if you work with PDFs on a daily basis and need a more powerful alternative, do yourself a favour and invest in PDF Expert.

You can download PDF Expert on the Mac App Store for $27.99 or try the free trial first.

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