MacID Review

I’d have a hard time guessing how many times I log in and out of my Mac in an average day. At the office, most times I will log out of my Mac when I go to the washroom or grab a snack. Often I forget, leaving my Mac unprotected.

Whether it be the library, Starbucks, or just an open-concept office, leaving your Mac unlocked and unattended is a risk. Having your Mac stolen is one thing, but your personal information is something insurance can’t replace.

MacID aims to fix this nuisance by pairing your iPhone and Apple Watch to your Mac. Once you install and setup MacID, walking away from your Mac will automatically log you out of your user account. Walking back to your Mac will generate a push notification on your iPhone/Apple Watch. With your iPhone, you’ll have to authenticate with Touch ID before your Mac will unlock. If you have an Apple Watch, you’ll only need to tap ‘Unlock.’

How does it work? Quite simple actually. Upon installing the companion app on your Mac, you’ll be asked to enter your user account password. Once you do, MacID will save it for quick access. Next, install MacID on your iPhone (and therefore, your Apple Watch, if you have one) and the proximity unlock/lock will activate.



The Mac companion app allows you to specify the size of your ‘geo-fence’ – the area – which walking out of, will cause your Mac to lock. You can even enable ‘proximity-wake’ which will turn on your Mac display once you’re in it’s vicinity.

MacID is the type of app the Apple Watch was designed for. Once you’ve had the chance to install and setup it up, you’ll wonder why Apple didn’t built this into WatchOS.

I’ve now gotten used to the auto-locking (and unlocking) of my Mac with MacID and I’d struggle to go on with out it. MacID is available on the App Store for $3.99 and the companion Mac app is available here. Give it a shot, you’ll love the extra security for your Mac.