Twitter Has Become Secret-Handshake Software

Walt Mossberg on why Twitter has become too hard to use:

To potential new users, it’s a real challenge to learn all of Twitter’s often arcane little features. And even for people who have been using the service multiple times daily for years, like me, it can be tricky to decide when to use which feature and in which situation. For instance, new users might be confused about what a retweet is, or the difference between that and a “quote tweet” (where you say more about something you’re reposting). And they surely might not understand the need to place a period before the handle of a user, when that handle is at the very start of a tweet you compose, yet not elsewhere in the tweet.

I think the beauty of Twitter is that it doesn’t appeal to everyone, unlike Facebook. Users who understand it, love it. 

Twitter doesn’t seem to recognize this and continues to try and complete with Facebook, adding complexity to a simple service. With every new feature, it’s becoming more difficult to use and gaining new users has become troublesome.