A New Design And Promise

I’ve thought about this redesign for a long time. I can think of several times when I was ready to move forward with this new look, only to panic and change my mind.

Today I made the plunge. This, as you see it, is the new design of The H&F.

There is something to be said for keeping the design of a website the exact same, year after year, resisting all urges to follow web trends. At some point, though, it becomes arrogant.

When my selfish desire to stick with the original design started to negatively affect my readership, I decided it was time to redesign this site into something easier to read and more mobile-friendly.

As much as I’ll miss the classic look of my prior design, I know this new layout – and its focus on legibility – will be better in the long run.

Now for another note.

Normally I’m not one to share personal stories, but this past week I lost someone very close to me. It didn’t come as much of a surprise, but it hit me harder than anything I’ve ever had to go through.

Of all the memories and life lessons I gained from being close to him, one thing stands out above the rest. He always pushed me to be creative. To follow my heart and spend time and effort on things I’m passionate about. Not only did he inspire me, but he took an interest in anything and everything I was interested in – even if he knew nothing about it.

I know if he was still here with us, he would be urging me to continue to embrace my passion for writing. To continue working hard at what makes me feel inspired, creative and alive.

Today, as I published this new design, I thought of him. More than just a new look, this change is a promise to him. A promise that I will always continue to pursue my interests, be creative, passionate and stay hungry and foolish.

It’s what he would’ve wanted.