OmniFocus Review

For a long time I’ve struggled to stay on top of my daily to-do list. I constantly forgot to do things, delayed doing others I should’ve done a while ago and was unable to progress at projects I wanted to complete.

To be frank, I was unproductive.

I’ve long searched for an application to help me get better at getting things done. I’ve tried detailed programs like Things and Wunderlist, simple programs like Clear, and even extremely simple things like a notepad to keep me organized. And yet, all of these methods failed. It took all of two or three days for me to complete forget their existence and to slide back into my normal routine of forgetting, delaying and stagnation.

I had all but given up hope when I decided to try the most advanced task manager of them all, OmniFocus. I’d heard good things from my of my colleagues on Twitter, but quickly dismissed it. I mean, how would it be any different?

Regardless, I made one final attempt to be more productive. I downloaded OmniFocus 2 on both my Mac and iPhone in an attempt to get things done.

And did I ever get things done.

It’s still early, but OmniFocus has jived with my mind and made me more productive. It’s made me a more organized and better person.

I start every day by dumping all of daily tasks into OmniFocus. Then I get to work, crossing off item after item. As a new task pops up during the day, I immediately add it to my inbox and sort it into the correct context. Quick and simple.

By making a full commitment to one program, I feel like I can take one look at OmniFocus and get a full glimpse of everything going on in my life. Home projects. Work tasks. Baby preparation. It’s all there.

I always thought my task list was best served via my iPhone, but I’m starting to feel otherwise. OmniFocus on the Mac is a powerful tool and my favourite way of interacting with my to-dos. It’s nice to be able to see lists on-the-go, but if I could only have OmniFocus on one platform, it’d be the Mac.

That being said, Omnifocus is fantastic on the Apple Watch (and with a new compilation, it’s only going to get better).

The thing about productivity is that everyone tackles it differently. There’s no right way to do it. It makes sense then why there are so many different applications available, each promising to make you more productive. The truth is, for some, only one will do. For some, a simple checklist like Clear is sufficient. Others may prefer paper.

Myself? I prefer OmniFocus. It keeps me organized, sane, and makes me feel more productive. I don’t know about you, but I can’t put a price tag on that.

OmniFocus is available online for the price of $45.99 or $79.99 for the Pro version (which I recommend). On iPhone and iPad, it’s available for $45.99.

Do yourself a favour and use OmniFocus. If you’re anything like me and struggle to stay on top of things, you won’t regret it.

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