Boom 2 Review

I first discovered Boom while working at an open concept office without any music. On a daily basis, everyone was forced to either work in complete silence, or put on headphones and disconnect from everyone around them. While the latter is not necessarily always a bad thing, it’s impossible to do while working collaboratively.

Over time I began playing music on my Macbook Pro internal speakers. Everyone loved the background music, even if the volume was hindered by the small speakers inside my Macbook.

That’s when I stumbled across a Mac utility called Boom.

Boom is straight forward in what it does, but it does it extremely well. Using no additional hardware, Boom artificially boosts the sound levels of your speakers to make everything sound better, and more importantly, louder.

Around eight months ago, Boom 2 was released, improving the concept and adding some neat new features. Boom is now tailored specifically to every Mac in Apple’s lineup, which means the sound quality and volume is even crisper and louder.

Boom 2 also comes in with a built-in equalizer which can work with a variety of programs on your Mac making everything from music to movies sound better.

Once I installed Boom on my Mac, I knew there was no going back. Over time it was installed on every Mac in my house and now with Boom 2, it’s becoming even more difficult to live without.

Boom 2 is available on the App Store for $16.99. 

If you’re still unsure about Boom, you can download a free trial on the developers website. Just be warned: once you try Boom, you won’t want to use a Mac without it.

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