Apple Event Predictions

Another Apple event, another set of predictions from me. I’ll try to keep these quick.

The meat of the show will of course be the iPhone 6S/6S Plus with Force Touch. There will be lengthy demos of the new technology as well as a recap of iOS 9 features.

Apple Watch will get a fair amount of presentation time. I expect to see a recap of WatchOS 2.0, some new app demos and new band colours.

Most of this should come as no surprise as it has been reported on time and time again.

Most of the speculation comes from the supposed ‘iPad Pro’ and the new Apple TV.

I don’t expect to see the iPad Pro unveiled tomorrow.

Not that I don’t think it’s ready to show, but because I don’t think there will be enough time. As Phil Schiller alluded, in an interview with John Gruber, the 2 hours (or less) is the ideal length for an Apple Keynote. I don’t see how it’s possible to include all of these announcements AND a new iPad model in one keynote.

Considering all that’s expected to be announced in regards to the new Apple TV – hardware, new version of iOS, App Store SDK, gaming details – I can’t imagine Apple glossing over this announcement. I expect the new Apple TV will take up a good portion of tomorrow’s keynote.

That it in itself is a packed keynote, not to mention the potential for a recap of El Capitan and Apple Music.

I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring from Apple. Get ready for a packed event, I know I am.

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