☆ I Don’t Like Wearing Watches All Day

I’ve always known that I dislike wearing watches all day, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint why.

I love the concept of wearing a watch and I think it’s a great accessory. In my eyes it’s the least intrusive way of telling the time.

For some reason though, I don’t like wearing watches at home. Maybe it’s because there’s other ways to tell time at home, heck, I’ve got a clock on nearly every wall in my house. Maybe it’s because wearing a watch means I’m in ‘work mode.’

Maybe I’m just crazy.

When I got the Apple Watch, I expected this habit to change, because why wouldn’t it? Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology that allows you to do thousands of things on your wrist on top of telling the time. There are almost no reasons to ever take it off besides charging, showering, and I suppose sleeping.

Low and behold, I still do.

Almost immediately after getting home, I take my Apple Watch off and place it on my desk, at least for a little while. Usually I’ll end up grabbing it after dinner and putting it back onto my wrist for a few hours before going to bed. 

Although Apple Watch has redefined my concept of a ‘watch’, it hasn’t changed the concept of wearing one. Like all my other watches, I still need my time without it.

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