Things Review

Despite how many task management apps and services I’ve used over the years, I still remember Things being my first. Paired with a beautiful interface, it had just enough features without being too complicated.

Over time, my attention was drawn to other task management apps. Some very simple and straightforward. Others complex and unforgiving. I legitimately have tried dozens – yes dozens – of task management apps in the past couple years.

A few months ago, the team behind Things, Cultured Code, introduced a long-awaited new version of their task management app. Boy, is it wonderful.

The best part of the new Things may be that the same things which made the original Things great are still true. It’s beautifully designed – without doubt I can say it’s one of the prettiest pieces of software I have ever used. It’s powerful, without the complication that makes using so many other apps a chore. And now with this new version, it’s modern. It supports all the latest features of iOS, and the new devices.

Where Omnifocus is the task management solution for to-do professionals, Things is the solution for everyone.

Sporting the same UI on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions, Things introduces an intuitive new way to create tasks and projects. This blue dot is one of the most ingenious interaction methods I’ve seen on iOS. Seriously, I love it.

All you need to do is drag it to a place on the screen and it will initiate a new task or project. It’s simple and addictive.

Things also features a fantastic new search functionality to go along with some neat sorting features which makes it easy to organize and find your tasks and projects.

Cultured Code has always been very deliberate when it comes to new updates, and that’s a good thing. Things is a work of art, one that’s perfected with minor updates over time. By investing into Things as your task management solution, you can rest assured you will receive frequent updates to support new devices (hello, iPhone X), without major changes to the core experience.

If you’re already a Things user, there’s no doubt you should upgrade to this new version. If you aren’t a Things user already, I doubt you’d regret the decision to purchase it.

Things is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac. A free trial is available on the Mac version.