Brief Thoughts On iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple has taken iMessage to the next level. In one update, it went from a basic app for messaging to a serious competitor to the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. I’m intrigued to see the type of iMessage apps which will be available at launch (I expect a ton of sticker packs).

Siri also got smarter with iOS 10. Now that it can tie into several different categories of third-party apps, I think there’s a whole new utility to Siri.

Sometimes it takes Apple a few attempts to get something right. With Notifications and Widgets, I think they may have finally made a breakthrough. Enhanced Notifications look fantastic – the ability to see more information when activating a notification. Having widgets in a second pane of the Notification Center never made sense to me. Now that they’re easily accessible with a swipe on the lockscreen, I may actually start using them.

There are many other new features I’m excited to try when iOS 10 is available this fall. Read up on all the changes here.