WWDC 2016 Wishes

These are my wishes for the WWDC Keynote tomorrow. They are presented in no particular order and shouldn’t be considered predictions.

iOS 10:

Customizable Control Centre: The ability to swap out toggles would be a huge time-saver.

Improvements to iMessage: I would love to see iMessage expanded to allow richer media previews, stickers and digital touch support.

Complications on Lockscreen: Just like on the Apple Watch, allow developers to create widgets for the lockscreen.

Siri 2.0: Make it useful again.

Siri API: It’s about time developers get the opportunity to integrate with Siri.

More iPad keyboard shortcuts: Activating multitasking or split-screen view from my keyboard would be amazing.

Apple Music Solo App: In concept, it sounds great to combine everyone’s purchased music and Apple Music. In reality, it sucks.

Spotlight Search: Available in-app.

Dark Mode: Just like this.

Live Icons On Homescreen: Allow all app icons to live update like the default Clock and Calendar app.

Picture-in-Picture mode on iPhone: Just like how it works on the iPad.

Splitscreen mode on iPhone: Might as well add this too.

Drag-and-drop between apps: Done right, this would be amazing.

Redesigned app-switcher on iPad: Finding a specific app is a pain.

Guest mode: Also known as ‘Child Mode.’


I’m already assuming the name change from OS X to MacOS is real.

iTunes Overhaul: I’m talking a complete ground-up rebuild.

Siri for Mac: But please, let me type searches.

Touch ID: Allow my iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to unlock my Mac.

Dark Mode: The dark menu bar was a great start.

Photos for Mac: More editing tools.

Mac App Store: It’s time to make it relevant again.

Mail App: Make it useable again.


Redesigned homescreen: It was a valiant attempt, but the bubbly app homescreen has to go.

Glances: Make them easier to access and allow them to more frequently update.

Third-party Watch Faces: Micky Mouse is cool, but Winnie the Pooh is cool-er.


Apple TV Service: I’d love to see Apple’s vision for the future of TV consumption.

Hey Siri for Apple TV: I might actually use it then.

Updated iOS Remote App: This should’ve been updated since the get-go.


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