How We Made An App Store Subscription Success

Adrian Hon, developer of Zombies, Run! on how an app subscription can be successful:

Everyone hates committing to new subscriptions. You live in fear of signing up and then the service instantly becoming unusable. Not only are you disappointed, but even worse, you’re a rube.

So you need to do everything you can to reassure your users that you’re in for the long haul. That means regular, consistent updates and bug fixes. You don’t need to release a new build every two weeks like Facebook, but you need to demonstrate commitment to maintaining a stable and reliable app — one that adopts useful new features (e.g. Healthkit, Apple Watch) in a reasonably timely manner.

This is the opposite of a big bang release once a year, laden with new features and new bugs. Frankly, it’s a much more sustainable, relaxed, and considered mode of development. It means you can justify the time to achieve 99.9% crash-free sessions, as we’ve done.

I couldn’t agree more.