Copied for Mac/iOS Review

Despite how far personal computers have come over the past few decades, the copy-and-paste function has remained relatively unchanged. Many apps have tried to improve this function, like Paste, which took the concept and added the ability to store more than one clip at a time and present them in a visually-appealing way.

Copied, available for both Mac and iOS, also attempted to improve the copy-and-paste mechanic and succeeds in a few different ways.

Saved Snippets

One of my favorite features of Copied is the ability to save snippets. Not only does Copied automatically keep a history of your previously copied snippets of text, links and images, but you can also create lists to organize permanently saved snippets.

Lists are incredibly useful for those snippets of text you may have to use multiple times per day. Throughout any given day, I have to send dozens of emails which follow the same format. Copied allows me to save these templates and easily recall them when necessary.


On iOS, snippets are easily accessible in-app or via a wonderful Today extension. As accessible as the app is, accessing your clips via the Today extension is very intuitive. When I’m writing an email in Airmail, I can easily swipe down to access Notification Centre, tap the correct snippet and easily paste it into my email.

On the Mac, these snippets live in a standalone window and a menu bar drop down pane which is accessible via a keyboard shortcut.


Why I Still Use Paste

With this being said, I still use Paste for Mac. I like the interface of Paste and how it allows me to easily drag and drop previously-saved snippets of text. However, Copied’s iOS support makes it useful for when I’m not on my Mac. It may seem like overkill, but I find utility in having both apps.

Copied, The Ultimate Clipboard Manager

As clipboard managers continue to make their way to the App Store, I hope Apple will one day implement native clipboard syncing between iOS and Mac. Until that time comes (or if it ever does), Copied for iOS/Mac is the next best thing.

Copied for iOS is available for free on the App Store with a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock premium features such as iCloud syncing and an unlimited number of saved snippets. For Mac, it’s available for $11.99.