Looking at the Future

Craig Hockenberry writing about the 9.7 inch iPad Pro’s new display:

After using this iPad for a couple of weeks, I’ve realized it’s like the advances of Retina in an important way: I never want to use a lesser display again. And as with higher density, I think it’s obvious that Apple will eventually update all its products to use this improved screen technology. I can’t wait!

It also wouldn’t surprise me to see these wider color gamuts coming to the cameras in our devices. All iOS devices currently create images in the sRGB gamut, while professional gear can produce images in ProPhoto or AdobeRGB. High dynamic range (HDR) photos need a wider range of color, too.

After using the new iPad Pro for the past few weeks, the display of my iPhone is startlingly bright. I can’t wait until Apple brings this new technology to all iOS devices.