Omnifocus for iPad Review

I already announced this in my recap of my favourite pro apps for the iPad, but I’ll say it again. Omnifocus is best served on the iPad.

I’ve already gone into extensive detail of why I love Omnifocus and why it’s my go-to system for getting things done. Despite barely scratching the surface of my productivity potential with Omnifocus, it keeps me sane. Without Omnifocus, I wouldn’t know what to do with my spare time and my life at the office wouldn’t be nearly as organized.

Since I jumped on the Omnifocus bandwagon (I’m sure there is one), I’ve used it most on my Mac. Simply, my Mac was the place Omnifocus felt most powerful and was the most convenient platform for dumping my brain into my inbox.

That’s changed now that I have an iPad again.

Portable Productivity

There are a few reasons why I like Omnifocus most on the iPad. First, the iPad is more portable than my Mac. Chances are when I need to start working, my iPad is accessible. I do have Omnifocus on my iPhone, but unfortunately opening up my iPhone has become too distracting. With my iPad, I don’t have to worry as much about a stray phone call breaking my productivity.


Focusing On The iPad

This leads me into the second reason why I enjoy using Omnifocus on the iPad most – and that’s focus. Just like when I’m writing with Ulysses, it’s surprising how productive an iPad can be when restricted to using one or two apps at a time. I find it therapeutic to open Omnifocus on my iPad and start filling up my inbox without the temptation of Tweetbot in my peripheral.

Designed For The iPad

Speaking of working on multiple apps at one time with the iPad, Omnifocus supports split screen mode, which means I can write in Ulysses while I check off reviews in Omnifocus. It’s simply a writing/productivity godsend.


Omnifocus Keeps Me Sane

I kid about Omnifocus keeping me sane, but there’s truth in that statement. Before I committed to using Omnifocus, I would constantly live in a state of fear over what I may be forgetting to do today – or what I may have forgotten to do yesterday. Having Omnifocus allows me to keep track of these tasks and prioritize them based on urgency and context.

There’s no doubt in my mind Omnifocus is the best system for getting things done and it’s a system best utilized if it’s available on all your devices.

Omnifocus 2 is available as a universal iOS app for $34.99 with an optional pro upgrade.

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