GoodNotes for Mac Review

If you’re like me and have multiple Apple devices, you know in order for a tool to truly fit into your workflow, it has to work on all your devices. This is true for most apps, but it’s especially true for note-taking.

After trying – and subsequently – loving GoodNotes for iOS, I was eager to give the Mac version a try. Despite the iPad taking over some elements of my work, I still use my Mac at the office for most of my business-related tasks.

When I started to use GoodNotes to write notes on my iPad, it was clear they needed to sync to my Mac to be useful. Fortunately for me, GoodNotes for Mac exists and is a wonderful complement to the fantastic iOS app.


Since the iPad – paired with an Apple Pencil – is such a great writing tool, I don’t see myself using GoodNotes for Mac to write in a lot of meetings. Even though all the same capabilities are available, writing with the Apple Pencil is far superior than using a trackpad or mouse. Where GoodNotes for Mac shines is in the ability to have my notes follow me to my Mac.

I can take my iPad into a meeting, write down all of my notes with GoodNotes for iOS, then go to my Mac and convert them to text using GoodNotes for Mac. iCloud syncing is quick and I never have to worry about losing my notes.

If you picked up GoodNotes after reading my review last week, you should install it on your Mac as well. If you haven’t already caved in, GoodNotes for iOS is by far the best way to write notes on the iPad – and being able to access those same notes on the Mac makes it an even better alternative to writing on paper.

As a gift to my readers, I have two promo codes for a free copy of GoodNotes for iOS which I’m going to give away to a random person who subscribes to The H&F Weekly here. Anyone who signs up in the next 48 hours is eligible.

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