Dropshare Review

These days there are no shortage of ways to share files online. Every day it seems like there is a new service for transferring files over the internet. Unfortunately each one has a caveat – as an example – some can’t handle large files, while others charge hefty monthly fees for doing so.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Dropshare that I realized there was a better solution.

Dropshare is a menu bar Mac app that allows you to easily drag & drop files for sharing or transferring between devices. I just described about a dozen services with one sentence, but what sets Dropshare apart is how it handles the storing and transferring of those files.

Instead of charging you monthly and utilizing its own servers for file transfers, Dropshare allows you to tie into your choice of multiple existing services. You can use everything from: Amazon S3 storage, Rackspace, Google Drive, BackBlaze or even your own file server to upload files.


Since you can decide which service to integrate with, the cost and storage limitations are varied. Google Drive is free, but doesn’t give you as much storage as Amazon S3 which charges based on data transfers. There’s no arguing Dropshare requires more of a setup process when compared to other online services – but in the end the result is worth it.

Dropshare doesn’t force users to change their workflow or habits. Instead it allows you to integrate with a storage solution which fits your needs. For me, I chose Google Drive as it was easy to setup and offers a generous amount of free storage.

All types of data can be uploaded via Dropshare – everything from screenshots, notes and videos – and it’s easy to share the files via the menu bar app.

There are so many features of Dropshare, it’s impossible to cover them all. There’s an iOS app for syncing your upload history across all your devices. You can mirror and upload screenshots from your connected iOS device. There’s even a custom landing page builder for your shared files.


As file storage continues to shift to online servers, tools like Dropshare are going to become more important by the day. It’s one thing to upload a file online, but without an easy and efficient way to access/share that file, it’s rendered useless.

You can try Dropshare for 7 days with no restrictions and I highly recommend you do. After the trial period, you can buy it for a one-time cost of $24.99. No monthly charges, no usage caps. If you often share files online, Dropshare should be on your Mac.


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