djay Pro for iPad Review

Back before I became a responsible adult and father, my wife and I used to throw quite a few parties. When we lived in our apartment, we would receive noise complaints every weekend because our music was too loud and we had too many people jam-packed inside. Surprisingly we were never evicted.

We don’t host as many parties as we used to – especially with the addition of our beautiful daughter – but when we used to host large parties I used to be the ‘DJ’.

I use the term loosely because what I did could hardly be considered DJing. I would simply play a mix-mash of songs, accept requests – and if I was feeling confident – crossover two songs with a bit of a fade.

If djay Pro for iPad had been available when we used to host these parties, I would’ve been able to more easily pretend to be a DJ.

A Pro DJ App for iPad

I’ve said it before – analysts complain about the lack of pro apps available for iPad without paying attention to what’s already on the App Store. djay Pro is a great example of one of the pro apps already available to iPad users.

Upon opening up djay Pro for the first time, you’re presented with a clean slate to begin your musical masterpiece. For professional DJs, all the must-have tools are available: wave forms, jog wheels, sampler, effects, and much more. There’s even a four deck view that harnesses the power of the iPad Pro to allow you to mix up to four tracks at one time.


djay Pro’s interface features a bunch of small, hard-to-touch elements which is why it’s great there are over 70 keyboard shortcuts for controlling the app. I haven’t seen another app with close to the amount of keyboard shortcuts.

I won’t pretend to a professional DJ, but I’ve talked to a few actual DJs who were impressed with the functionality and level of control djay Pro offers on the iPad.

For Music-Loving iPad Owners

For novices like myself, djay Pro makes it easy to add a couple tracks, scratch, mix and pretend like you know what you’re doing. If you manage to create a track worth saving, djay Pro allows you to record it too.

djay Pro is an app capable for professionals, but it’s also an app for novices who are interested in growing their DJ skills. For someone like me – with no DJ skills – I was able to pick up my iPad and entertain myself for a few hours just by playing around.


While I’m sure it’s a limitation of iOS and not the fault of djay Pro, I wish there was online Apple Music support. It was a pain to have to download each song to my iPad before I could play it in djay Pro. That being said, there is support for Spotify Premium users.

Become A DJ (Or Pretend To Be One)

DJs and music enthusiasts alike will find something to love about djay Pro for iPad. If you’re looking for a professional tool to add to your DJing arsenal – or just a fun way to spend some time – djay Pro is a great addition to your iPad.

djay Pro for iPad is available on the App Store for $27.99.