Coda for iOS Review

As I’ve mentioned before, in my spare time I co-own a digital design studio with my wife. Among the services we offer is web design. We setup new websites and manage them on an on-going basis, making minor content changes when necessary.

For this reason, when I recently picked up an iPad Pro, I was on the lookout for a code-editing app that would allow me to write and edit away from my Mac. I didn’t have to look very far because I knew Panic – the developer behind Coda for Mac – had brought their app over to iOS. Panic has a reputation for making great apps and I knew Coda for iOS wouldn’t let me down.

Manage Websites Remotely

I’m not going to get into the technical specifics about what Coda can or cannot do because a lot of it is beyond my knowledge. Instead I’m going to focus on what it’s allowed me to do remotely and how it’s benefited my business.


Coda for iOS is a powerful code editor and file manager wrapped into one. Combining parts of Transmit (my go-to FTP editor) with a versatile text-editor, Coda allows web developers to write/edit code on the iPad.

While I may not develop a website from beginning to end entirely on iOS, it’s refreshing and relieving to know I could continue my work on my iPad or iPhone if necessary.

Powerful Editing Mode

Editing code with Coda is significantly easier and more efficient than compared to a basic text editing app. A big reason for this is due to Coda’s syntax highlighting which displays code in different colors and fonts depending on the type. For any developer, this is an expected code-editing feature and it translates well to smaller screens.


Another big help with code editing is what Panic calls the Super Loupe. Pressing and holding on text allows you to easily to place your cursor. It’s similar to how iOS natively allows the cursor to be moved, but even better. It would be great if Apple brought this to iOS.

Sometimes when writing code you have to type the same line over and over again. This is when Clips comes in handy. In Coda for iOS, you can create clips of code which allows you to easily access and add these lines with a single tap. Once you get used to having access to these snippets, you’ll wish you could bring them to every app on your iPad.

A True Pro App

As the iPad matures as a platform, I consistently hear about the lack of pro apps available for iOS. Coda for iOS is a benchmark for the potential of iOS app development and hopefully is only the beginning of pro apps for iPad.

I never thought I could manage my websites on the go with a tablet, but Coda for iOS makes it possible. Any developer or engineer who uses iOS should have Coda, simply put.

Coda is available on the iOS App Store as a universal app for $13.99.