Gestimer for Mac Review

I can’t count the number of times throughout any given day in which I need to set a timer. To be frank – it’s one of the most common tasks I use my Apple Watch for. Everything from baking to making coffee to exercising requires setting a timer. I create dozens of timers every day.

On the Apple Watch, creating a timer is quick and simple – but on the Mac it isn’t so painless. I hadn’t found a great timer app for Mac until I tried Gestimer.

Gestimer – as the name suggests – uses a pull-down gesture to set a timer on your Mac from your menu bar. All you need to do is click and drag Gestimers icon down your screen to set a timer. The farther you drag the icon down your screen, the longer the timer will be for. You can see just how slick this gesture is in the animation below.


I don’t think I’ve seen a simpler or more intuitive application on the Mac – and for good reason – creating a timer should be easy. If you have to spend more than a few seconds creating a timer, you’re doing something wrong.

For those of you like me who rely on setting various timers throughout the day, you should check out Gestimer.

Gestimer is available on the Mac App Store for $3.99.

As a gift to my readers, I have a promo code for a free copy of Gestimer for Mac which I’m going to give away to a random person who subscribes to The H&F Weekly here. Anyone who signs up in the next 48 hours is eligible.