Airmail for iPad

When I first reviewed Airmail for iOS and Mac, I said:

If you’re growing tired of the Mail app within Mac/iOS, or you’re just looking for something more powerful, I’d highly recommend giving Airmail a try.

A few months after posting my review, I’m still using Airmail despite there being no native iPad support. This is why I was extremely excited when I heard Bloop had made the iOS app universal with full support for the iPad and several other new features.

Airmail for iPad is exactly what you’d expect it to be – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bloop did an excellent job in taking advantage of all the iPad-specific features including split view and customizable keyboard shortcuts. While the interface extends beautifully to the larger screen, it’s very similar to the iPhone app design and shouldn’t surprise anyone.

On top of iPad support, Airmail 1.1 added a bunch of other new features including:

  • Keyboard Support – specific actions to be linked with common shortcuts
  • Read Receipts – track when messages are read
  • Send Later – schedule an email for the right time, even if the app is closed (Gmail + Exchange)
  • Smart Folders – use saved searches as smart folders with powerful operators
  • Touch ID – to restrict access to the app
  • Group support in composer
  • Reply ~ Reply All switcher
  • Draw a quick sketch in the composer
  • 2 finger Swipe to next message
  • Extended Headers – display Extended Headers for integrations with CMS
  • New Actions – Add to Contacts, Full Screen, Unsubscribe Newsletter
  • New Integrations – Due, Proud, Instapaper, Calendar5, PdfExpert5, Byword, Parcel

The addition of iPad support and several other new features makes Airmail an even better replacement for the default iOS/Mac mail client. If you’re looking for a more powerful solution to managing your email and haven’t tried Airmail, now’s a great time.

Airmail is available as a universal iOS app for $6.99.