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'I told myself I wouldn't use the iOS 9 Beta'

I’ve avoided using Apple beta software for the past few years after being burned several times with buggy software. It’s a beta for a reason, and I use my devices far too much for work to take a risk of losing data or productivity.

This being said, today I installed the iOS 9 beta on daily iPhone 6 Plus.

iOS 8 has been far too buggy for me lately to not give iOS 9 a chance – and so far it’s been stable – far more stable than 8.4 was for me.

I won’t publish any thoughts on iOS 9 until it leaves beta. For now, you can rest knowing it appears to be a much more stable release than iOS 8 was.

How Is The Apple Watch Doing?

Benedict Evans on what the Apple Watch means to him:

The simple answer is that it gives you lots of small conveniences. Walking directions are a good example: no more pulling your phone out to check the route every block as you walk through a city, just glance at your wrist. No more pulling your wallet or phone out to pay, just tap your watch and wave it over the terminal. No more pulling your phone out to see where the meeting is as you walk down the hallway, just glance at your wrist (it’s not a coincidence that Apple uses ‘Glances’ as a UI model). And triaging notifications is very different – instead of fishing your phone out to see what that buzz was, flick your eyes down and see if you need to deal with it now or later. These are some of mine, but this is software, and like the iPhone or iPad this is just glass – it can be anything. The difference is that this glass can be in your eye-line all the time. 

MacRumors On The New iPads

I’m on the same page in regards to the new iPads being unveiled in October. I don’t suspect their will be any time to reveal new iPads at an already crowded September event.

Marc Newson Interview

My favorite app is: “Flightradar24. It tracks every plane in the world, moving in real time. It tells you where the plane is going, at what speed, what altitude, the type of plane. It’s an incredible bit of technology.”