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☆ I Don't Like Wearing Watches All Day

I’ve always known that I dislike wearing watches all day, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint why.

I love the concept of wearing a watch and I think it’s a great accessory. In my eyes it’s the least intrusive way of telling the time.

For some reason though, I don’t like wearing watches at home. Maybe it’s because there’s other ways to tell time at home, heck, I’ve got a clock on nearly every wall in my house. Maybe it’s because wearing a watch means I’m in ‘work mode.’

Maybe I’m just crazy.

When I got the Apple Watch, I expected this habit to change, because why wouldn’t it? Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology that allows you to do thousands of things on your wrist on top of telling the time. There are almost no reasons to ever take it off besides charging, showering, and I suppose sleeping.

Low and behold, I still do.

Almost immediately after getting home, I take my Apple Watch off and place it on my desk, at least for a little while. Usually I’ll end up grabbing it after dinner and putting it back onto my wrist for a few hours before going to bed. 

Although Apple Watch has redefined my concept of a ‘watch’, it hasn’t changed the concept of wearing one. Like all my other watches, I still need my time without it.

The Reverse Crown

Luckily, I had spent some time digging around in the settings in the Apple Watch app and remembered seeing some odd settings in General > Watch Orientation. The wrist selection is obvious enough, but being able to change the position of the digital crown had no obvious benefit. That is, until I tried it.

Being left-handed this was the orientation I’ve always used.

Filling The Green Circle

Ever since getting the Apple Watch, not only have I been getting more consistent exercise, but I’m pushing myself further. I take more walks, and I walk faster and further than ever before. I’ve been walking Hops around the same streets for four years, but now I’ve been discovering new streets and paths just to extend our walking distance and try to beat my previous walks.

I’ve never cared before, but now, I care.

I can attest to the fact that the Apple Watch has made me want to be more active.

Vox Acquires Recode

We are thrilled to announce that Re/code’s parent company, Revere Digital, is being wholly acquired by the highly respected digital-native media company Vox Media. This is the next big step in our mission to bring you quality tech journalism, because our work will now be amplified and enhanced by Vox Media’s deep and broad skill set.


Jony Ive Gets A Promotion

When I catch up with Ive alone, I ask him why he has seemingly relinquished the two departments that had been so successfully under his control. “Well, I’m still in charge of both,” he says, “I am called Chief Design Officer. Having Alan and Richard in place frees me up from some of the administrative and management work which isn’t … which isn’t …” 

“Which isn’t what you were put on this planet to do?” 

“Exactly. Those two are as good as it gets. Richard was lead on the iPhone from the start. He saw it all the way through from prototypes to the first model we released. Alan has a genius for human interface design. So much of the Apple Watch’s operating system came from him. With those two in place I can …” 

I could feel him avoiding the phrase “blue sky thinking”… think more freely?” 


Interesting timing on this announcement.

Marco Arment on The New Macbook

The MacBook just looks and feels like the obvious, no-brainer choice for a small Mac. That’s why people buy it. That’s why I bought it. I loved it before I bought it. I love looking at it and picking it up.

I just hate using it.

I hate typing on it, I hate the trackpad, it’s slower than I expected, the screen is noticeably blurry from non-native scaling to get reasonable screen space, and I don’t even find it very comfortable to use in my lap because it’s toosmall.

I hate returning things, but I’m returning this.

I played around with one at a local Best Buy the other day and almost immediately I could tell it’s a slow machine, but if web browsing and email is your thing, it’s a great companion.

Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

Ben Thompson:

I suspect there will be a bifurcation when it comes to the Watch’s relative importance vis-à-vis the smartphone between developed and developing countries: in the long run I do think that convenience trumps all, but there’s no denying a smartphone is already pretty darn convenient. To put it another way, if you can afford it there is a sufficient delta between Watch and iPhone functionality to make the former worth owning despite its dependence on the latter. I also think that when the Watch inevitably gains cellular functionality I will carry my iPhone far less than I do today. Indeed, just as the iPhone makes far more sense as a digital hub than the Mac, the Watch will one day be the best hub yet.