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Things Review

Despite how many task management apps and services I’ve used over the years, I still remember Things being my first. Paired with a beautiful interface, it had just enough features without being too complicated.

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Cardhop for Mac Review

In my day job, managing contacts is one of the most time-consuming things I have to do. It’s also something I’m terrible at.

These days, new CRM tools are popping up left and right, promising to make it easy to manage your contacts. Despite all of these advances to CRM tools, one tool that has remained untouched is the address book. It’s built into iOS and Mac, and yet, it’s been stagnant for years.

Then Cardhop was released.

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Gemini 2 for Mac Review

When I first heard of Gemini, a Mac app which promises to find and remove duplicate files, I thought to myself – ‘how many duplicate files could I possibly have?’ Out of curiosity and lack of storage space, I installed Gemini 2 on my Mac and let it run. To my surprise, it found over 5GB of duplicate files to remove.

Gemini 2 is a no-frills app that does exactly what it promises. Upon launching the app, you’ll be asked to select the folders you’d like Gemini to search through. You can drag a specific folder – or you can even select your entire Home folder.

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Copied for Mac/iOS Review

Despite how far personal computers have come over the past few decades, the copy-and-paste function has remained relatively unchanged. Many apps have tried to improve this function, like Paste, which took the concept and added the ability to store more than one clip at a time and present them in a visually-appealing way.

Copied, available for both Mac and iOS, also attempted to improve the copy-and-paste mechanic and succeeds in a few different ways.

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Omnifocus for iPad Review

I already announced this in my recap of my favourite pro apps for the iPad, but I’ll say it again. Omnifocus is best served on the iPad.

I’ve already gone into extensive detail of why I love Omnifocus and why it’s my go-to system for getting things done. Despite barely scratching the surface of my productivity potential with Omnifocus, it keeps me sane. Without Omnifocus, I wouldn’t know what to do with my spare time and my life at the office wouldn’t be nearly as organized.

Since I jumped on the Omnifocus bandwagon (I’m sure there is one), I’ve used it most on my Mac. Simply, my Mac was the place Omnifocus felt most powerful and was the most convenient platform for dumping my brain into my inbox.

That’s changed now that I have an iPad again.

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GoodNotes for Mac Review

If you’re like me and have multiple Apple devices, you know in order for a tool to truly fit into your workflow, it has to work on all your devices. This is true for most apps, but it’s especially true for note-taking.

After trying – and subsequently – loving GoodNotes for iOS, I was eager to give the Mac version a try. Despite the iPad taking over some elements of my work, I still use my Mac at the office for most of my business-related tasks.

When I started to use GoodNotes to write notes on my iPad, it was clear they needed to sync to my Mac to be useful. Fortunately for me, GoodNotes for Mac exists and is a wonderful complement to the fantastic iOS app.

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Dropshare Review

These days there are no shortage of ways to share files online. Every day it seems like there is a new service for transferring files over the internet. Unfortunately each one has a caveat – as an example – some can’t handle large files, while others charge hefty monthly fees for doing so.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Dropshare that I realized there was a better solution.

Dropshare is a menu bar Mac app that allows you to easily drag & drop files for sharing or transferring between devices. I just described about a dozen services with one sentence, but what sets Dropshare apart is how it handles the storing and transferring of those files.

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djay Pro for iPad Review

Back before I became a responsible adult and father, my wife and I used to throw quite a few parties. When we lived in our apartment, we would receive noise complaints every weekend because our music was too loud and we had too many people jam-packed inside. Surprisingly we were never evicted.

We don’t host as many parties as we used to – especially with the addition of our beautiful daughter – but when we used to host large parties I used to be the ‘DJ’.

I use the term loosely because what I did could hardly be considered DJing. I would simply play a mix-mash of songs, accept requests – and if I was feeling confident – crossover two songs with a bit of a fade.

If djay Pro for iPad had been available when we used to host these parties, I would’ve been able to more easily pretend to be a DJ.

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Coda for iOS Review

As I’ve mentioned before, in my spare time I co-own a digital design studio with my wife. Among the services we offer is web design. We setup new websites and manage them on an on-going basis, making minor content changes when necessary.

For this reason, when I recently picked up an iPad Pro, I was on the lookout for a code-editing app that would allow me to write and edit away from my Mac. I didn’t have to look very far because I knew Panic – the developer behind Coda for Mac – had brought their app over to iOS. Panic has a reputation for making great apps and I knew Coda for iOS wouldn’t let me down.

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Gestimer for Mac Review

I can’t count the number of times throughout any given day in which I need to set a timer. To be frank – it’s one of the most common tasks I use my Apple Watch for. Everything from baking to making coffee to exercising requires setting a timer. I create dozens of timers every day.

On the Apple Watch, creating a timer is quick and simple – but on the Mac it isn’t so painless. I hadn’t found a great timer app for Mac until I tried Gestimer.

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