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The Switch Back To Wordpress

Back when I first launched The H&F, it ran on WordPress. At the time, my technical knowledge was lacking and I found myself dealing with hosting issues more often than actually posting new content.

That’s when I decided to make the switch to Squarespace. I figured it was a good sacrifice – customizability for ease of use. Squarespace is a fantastic platform for making beautiful websites and the support is second to none. In my two years with Squarespace, I haven’t had one issue to deal with.

Yet, I’ve switched back to WordPress.

Despite all the advantages it offers, Squarespace isn’t as customizable as I need it to be. Posting from mobile devices is difficult and their iOS app is brutal. I can’t host my own content. Aside from custom CSS, I can’t edit the template code.

These sacrifices started out as menial – but as this website has grown – they’ve become substantial and to be frank, hindering.

The H&F is now back to being hosting on WordPress where I have full control over my own content. I’ve spent the last few days attempting to keep the design as similar as possible to how it looked on Squarespace (with a few improvements and changes).

This change will support The H&F and its growth in the future. Now back to writing.